brandy and whisky - lakeland terriersLakeland terriers came into my life as a young child of five to six years old. In July 1981 my father and mother purchased our first Lakeland. 'Louieville Pirate' - Brandy as he was known was a full brother to champion 'Louieville Buccaneer'.

He was a very loyal dog to my father and my family and he was so devoted to my dad that he had to be put to sleep after my father died owing to the fact that he missed him so much. In May 1982, our family once again went off to visit Joe Thorburn and his wife Joan at the Louieville kennels and this time we came home with 'Louieville Battleaxe' - Whiskey who was a very typical Lakeland terrier and a joy to grow up with.

brandy & whiskey lakeland terriersHe was to live until the age of 15. Both dogs were very well bred and indeed were fine examples of their breed in every way. Brandy's sire was 'Ch. Ravelsaye Reflector of Barmaud' and his mother was 'Ch. Louieville Lady Moonshine' . Whiskey's sire was 'Ch. Keloa Mastermind' and his mother was 'Ch. Louieville Lady Moonshine'.

Now to my own Lakelands. In 2000 I went to see Joe and Joan at Louieville and a month later came home with 'Bobby Louieville Red Phantom of Wreaywire' - a very handsome red (unshown) stud dog. I also purchased my foundation bitch from Joe Thorburn in 2003. She is 'Molly Louieville Copyrite to Wreaywire'.

At Wreaywire we have been very fortunate that Molly is a supermum. She loves her pups so much that she always produces lovely well rounded pups. From Molly's first litter we kept a bitch and we called her 'Wreaywire Reiver Tweed' (Bridey). In December 2007, she had her first litter and we are very fortunate in that she carries her mother's maternal instincts.

In January 2008, we decided to introduce some new blood lines to enhance what we already have and so in May 2008 we purchased 'Blackdale Sparkle with Wreaywire' (Ike), a black and tan bitch of quality from Mr Hardy O'Donoghue's Blackdale kennels in Dundalk, Ireland. We have been really delighted with 'Belles' progress and have big plans for her in the future. Our dogs accepted her immediately and she accepted them straight away too due to her wonderful temperament. During that time we acquired Belle, we also used one of Harry O'Donoghue's stud dogs: Blackdale Thunderbolt - he had caught my eye immediately - a stallion of a dog! We mated him to Molly and this liaison produced five good pups. We have kept one dog pup whom we have called 'Wreaywire Borrow Man' (Bruno). We are hoping that he will become an important sire for us and that he will feature strongly in our future breeding plans.

lakeland terrier with newspaperI have been very fortunate to know Joe Thorburn and his daughter Wendy and have had access to see some top Lakeland's at his Louieville Kennels. I'm pleased to say that it is good news for Lakeland terriers as a whole that his daughter Wendy has once again begun to show their Lakelands.

I am also very privileged to have been able to get good advice from Harry O'Donoghue and I thank him for his generosity. He really is a terrier man of vast knowledge.

My passion for Lakelands has led to my getting to know some really lovely people such as Nancy Kiss and the Caliente Kennel in Canada and I thank Nancy and especially Joe Thorburn for their advice, knowledge and friendship...... Lee Rotherham
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